Purdue Public Forum about Public Information – October 5th, 7pm

The Purdue Exponent is hosting this great opportunity to learn more about the Access to Public Records Act and Open Door Law in Indiana. ICOG will also be tabling at this event. If you want to learn more about the Indiana Coalition for Open Government, stop on by for a free Public Access Handbook. A […]

Governor Holcomb Vetoes HEA1523

We just called Governor Eric Holcomb’s office to urge him to #VetoHEA1523 and were told he already had! Thank you for everyone’s support. Congratulations to all Hoosiers!  More to come! UPDATE 2017-04-24 Here is Governor Holcomb’s statement regarding his veto of HEA 1523: April 24, 2017 The Honorable Brian C. Bosma Speaker Indiana House of […]

ICOG’s Opposition to HB1523, Gov. Holcomb Must Veto

TL;DR: As a supporter of open government in the State of Indiana, we strongly encourage you to sign our petition urging Governor Eric Holcomb to veto HB1523. HB1523 has passed through both the House and the Senate. The Indiana General Assembly has taken steps to make government less open and insufficiently accountable on all levels […]

IndianaProSPJ: HB1523 goes against the idea of government serving the people

We wholeheartedly agree with the recently released statement by IndianaProSPJ: The Indiana Professional Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists calls upon state lawmakers to reject House Bill 1523, a bill that would let state and local government agencies charge up to $20 per hour to fulfill requests for public records that take more than […]

Groth vs. (Governor) Pence Continues to Evolve

Nikki Kelly of Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette wrote a story about William Groth asking to have his case be sent back to trial court instead of appealing to the Indiana Supreme Court in light of the recent uncovering that then-Governor Mike Pence used a personal AOL.com e-mail for official government business. In Nikki’s article, Suit over emails takes […]

House Bill 1523

And the bill allowing search fees for public records requests is back and moving forward this session: HB 1523 Search fee for public records requests. Allows a state or local government agency (agency) to charge a maximum hourly fee for any records search that exceeds two hours. Prohibits, with certain exceptions, an agency from charging a […]

Opening Indiana’s Government: 2016 Governor’s Candidate Survey

In keeping with a tradition started in 2004, the Indiana Coalition for Open Government asked the three gubernatorial candidates this year to share their visions of government transparency via a brief survey about public access issues. The candidates, Libertarian Rex Bell, Democrat John Gregg and Republican Eric Holcomb, were provided with the survey on September 19 […]

Problems and opportunities: Electronic access in Indiana

As part of an observance of the Indiana Coalition for Open Government’s 20th year of advocating for public access, ICOG joined with its administrative partner, The Media School at Indiana University, to put together this report on the status of digital access at the local level in Indiana. A team of graduate student reporters from The Media School […]

Digital access less than ideal in Indiana

By Craig Lyons, Samim Arif and DeJuan Foster Want to contact the county sheriff’s office and find out what’s happening in your community? Are you curious if your local health department has received any food-borne illness complaints? Would you like to know what kind of deal the county has with a labor union? Good luck […]

Of search warrants and cell phone cameras

By DeJuan Foster and Samim Arif Have you ever used your cell phone to take a picture of a public record? Indiana’s Access to Public Records Act provides an option for members of the public to copy records on their own equipment. A team of Indiana University graduate students this spring put that option to […]