Like our new look? The Indiana Coalition for Open Government has spent several months rethinking the Web site—look, feel and function.

Some of our top features include:
  • An automatic records request generator. On the old site, you could take a Word document and fill in the blanks. On the new site, there’s a quick form that generates your letter by filling out fields and then hitting print. Online links are provided to read up on the laws governing public records and public meetings (while you’re filling out the form).
  • Check out “The Lawyer Link.” This is a new feature that lets members contact an experienced lawyer for tailored advice on public access issues. After a review of law firms in Indiana, ICOG accepted the pro bono services of Kurt Webber for this e-mail service. New members can access The Lawyer Link at the $50 membership level. Current members can renew now to get the service for a full year beyond their current membership expiration dates.
  • Easier payment online. Now, we offer several levels of membership on the site—from individuals to organizations. Each has its own level of benefits so check out the option that suits you best. Plus, you can use a credit card on our secure site with PayPal to make a quick payment.
  • Search the archives. This great new feature allows you to search by subject (check out legislative summaries from the past several years). The easy directory list should help you find what you’re looking for if there’s a match.
  • A monthly opinion poll. We know it’s not scientific, but we feel it’s still worth asking our visitors what they think about current trend issues in Indiana and elsewhere. Weigh in and be counted. It’s open to everyone and poll results are summarized for each question.
  • Subscribe to the ICOG newsletter. You can also subscribe on this site and receive FREE newsletters. You don’t have to be a member to sign up for this service. Get the most current updates on access news here.
  • Log in and check your profile. We know how tough it is to keep e-mail addresses and cell phone numbers up to date. Here, you can log in and make those changes yourself so we don’t lose track. And you can also receive a password reminder if you forget.
  • Tell a friend. Send this site link to your friends and colleagues. It’s the quickest and simplest way to keep them in the loop, including our legislative alerts from those who monitor the Indiana General Assembly.
  • Video hits. It’s not MTV, but we are spreading the news about your freedoms with these award-winning videos.
All in all, it’s been a big, big project. And we need to hear from you about these Web site improvements. Keep us moving. Keep us connected.


The ICOG board would like to thank Reveal Consulting and Kyle Communications for the work completed on this site.