It’s getting more expensive to obtain accident reports from the Indiana State Police, and Gov. Mitch Daniels’ veto of a bill to cap costs didn’t help.

Check out Michael Malik’s review of recently privatized state police accident reports and note the increase in prices. We first heard of this issue a few months ago and posted an article to the ICOG Web site (and also passed it along to The Star then). We’re glad someone is finally paying attention—though too late for the deal to get public scrutiny while the deal was underway.

Costs have been hiked from $5 to $12 per report. Legislators wanted to cap it at $8, but the governor vetoed the cap.

According to The Star, “The money for the reports is split between the company now handling the work, Holt, Sheets & Associates, and law enforcement operations. Each deal is negotiated separately. So far, 33 of the 550 or so police agencies in the state have signed agreements with the company.”