The bill, introduced by Sen. Sue Landske, R-Cedar Lake, would open up election materials to public scrutiny. Under current law, election materials (poll books, absentee ballot envelopes, etc.) are sealed for 22 months-then can be destroyed without any notice. Similar legislation has passed the Senate several times but no hearings have ever been held in the Indiana House of Representatives. With growing election misdeeds in Indiana cities and towns, legislators might provide a more receptive audience this year.

Update (3/10/04): The bill died, but its language was inserted into SB 72 during conference committee. The language was approved by both the House and Senate and sent to the Governor.

Update (2/12/04): Sen. Allie Craycraft (D-Selma) joined the bill as a co-author and then presented it before the Senate Elections & Civic Affairs Committee. The bill was unanimously approved by the committee. It next moves to the full Senate for hearing.

Update (1/24/04): The bill is scheduled for a hearing on Monday, Jan. 26, in the Senate Elections & Civic Affairs Committee.