You may not be aware of SPJ’s National Newsroom Training. Joel Campbell, National Freedom of Information chairman for the Society of Professional Journalists, recommends the document-driven newsroom seminar because it was developed by FOI experts.

Here’s the program description for “Creating a Document-Driven Newsroom.”

This topic explores how FOI laws work in a way that’s basic enough for people new to FOI, yet still useful to FOI veterans. The session includes a primer on the FOI laws for your news organizations’ coverage area, as well as guidelines for successful use of the federal FOI law. Participants will see how FOI laws can be used to create quality journalism and will get some ideas for producing FOI stories of their own.

Other minimal cost seminars on writing, ethics, diversity and broadcast issues are available for viewing on SPJ’s national Web site.

Contact: Chris Vachon, 317-927-8000 ext. 207,