Dear Sunlighter,

This week, the Sunlight Foundation unveiled our draft of what we
think can become model transparency legislation — the
Transparency In Government Act of 2008. Here’s the twist:
Instead of immediately approaching lawmakers to sponsor the bill,
we decided to first post the bill online at

in order to solicit public input to
further shape, refine and edit the bill.

We invite you to participate in this collaboration. You don’t have
to be an expert. Just tell us what you like, and what you think
about what we have drafted.

Developing this model bill via offers an exciting
opportunity to experiment with collaborative bill-drafting online.
In addition, we hope the public evaluation of the draft bill will
increase attention to the critically important issue of
transparent government. Our hope is that the final product can be
used as a model for transparent government.

Our draft legislation updates current congressional disclosure
requirements for the Internet age. It specifies technological and
reporting requirements to make more information about lawmakers
and their influencers, the work of Congress and of the executive
branch meaningfully accessible to the public.’s blog-like layout allows you to comment on the
entire bill, or on specific sections. You can take credit for your
comments by including your name, but if you wish to comment
anonymously, the format allows you to do so.

We really appreciate your help.  See you online at