Check out this something-for-everyone selection from our ever-growing accumulation of access-related resources:


  • From longtime FOIA watchdog Michael Ravnitzky: “The list of “exceptional” FBI files – thousands of documents of historical, social, and journalistic value – is now done. These are FBI files earmarked by the National Archives for their importance, catalogued with their FBI file numbers (that alone should take YEARS off the wait-time!).” In addition to the list, Ravnitzky provides instructions on obtaining the files and a sample request letter. Get it all by clicking here.
  • Launched nearly two decades ago, RTK Net – a great source of federal environmental information – has been redesigned. Users will find free access to searchable government data, news about government transparency and tools for citizen involvement and education. See what’s there for you by clicking here.
  • OMB Watch is out with its annual report of the highlights and lowlights in federal transparency: 2008 Annual Report.
  • The NFOIC has created an Alltop page for FOI-related blogs with RSS feeds. Get it here.