The Indiana Coalition for Open Government formalized a partnership with Indiana University’s School  of Journalism at the group’s annual meeting Jan. 29. Under the agreement, the journalism school will take over much of ICOG’s administrative work, such as producing its newsletter, updating its Web site and handling its mailings.


ICOG formed a committee to coordinate the transition of those operations to the journalism school.

ICOG will retain a separate treasury and board and continue to plan programs, such as the Citizen Journalism Boot Camp, and guide the organization. The school will not have a representative on the ICOG board but will provide a liaison to ICOG.

ICOG, which has neither paid nor volunteer staff, carries out its programs through the work of an all-volunteer board of directors. The board decided last year that joining with an administrative partner would help perform activities such as maintaining the organization’s Web site, producing newsletters, and obtaining grants for access programming. The board of directors will continue to guide ICOG’s activities.

A number of access coalitions around the country have partnerships with universities. IU was selected by the ICOG board after proposals were sought from colleges and universities in Indiana. The partnership will be formalized with a contract signing at the annual meeting.