By Michael Reschke The Herald-Times Jul 12, 2020 Updated Jul 15, 2020

The request was for “emails from and to John Wilkerson, Asst. Vice President for International Services, that contain the words China or Chinese or any code word or abbreviation that is used to denote international students from China, for the period March 1, 2020 to June 18, 2020,” according to the Indiana Policy Review post.

Menge has written about financial and cultural impacts of students from China.

She said the university denied her public record request because it did not meet the “reasonable particularity” standard of the state’s Access to Public Records Act. Specifically, she did not include both the sender and recipient of the emails being requested.

Menge argued the law does not require that a person requesting public emails name both the sender and recipient.

While she is correct, the Indiana Public Access Counselor has issued an opinion that a reasonably particular request names a specific sender, recipient and date frame. But not everyone agrees with the public access counselor’s opinion.

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