Kallie Cox, and William H Freivogel Pulitzer Center on,Crisis Reporting. 2021. Police misconduct records secret, difficult to access nationwide. AP, May 13, 2021. (accessed June 20, 2021).

Police misconduct records are either secret or difficult to access in a majority of states – 35 of them plus Washington, D.C. But the breeze of openness is blowing. Seven big states have opened records in recent years – California, New York, Illinois, Colorado, Massachusetts, Oregon and Maryland.

Now 15 states have laws that allow these records to be mostly available to the public – up from 12 a few years ago.


Indiana’s bipartisan law [HB 1006] passed this spring required an Internet listing of the names of all officers disciplined, but closes the much more plentiful investigations that don’t end in punishment. Colorado opened records but its law was not retroactive and required requesters to have specific information about the misconduct. Oregon created a database of officers disciplined but did not open records of investigations that didn’t lead to discipline.

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