Mencarini, Matt, and Jonathan Bullington. 2021. Ind. airport manager’s expenses questioned: Thousands not reported to IRS or taxed since ’18. Courier – Journal, May 09, 2021. (accessed June 19, 2021).

John Secor is a busy man.

Despite flying 12 days a month as a UPS pilot, Secor says he still has time to be part-time manager of the Clark County Regional Airport in Sellersburg, Indiana — inspecting the grounds in his truck, chasing animals off the runways and handling the day’s business.

He said he took the job in 2015 thinking that it would be a short-term arrangement to help “keep the lights on” while the airport’s governing board, on which he served, found its next permanent manager.


Then and now, the airport authority lacked oversight from the elected officials who appoint its board members — illustrating the outsized power often granted to small-town, quasi-governmental bodies that control public property but largely operate out of the public eye.

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