Magdaleno, Johnny. 2022. IndyStar sues 8 hospitals for records violations: Claim: Public spending on nursing homes obscured. Indianapolis Star, Aug 10, 2022. (accessed August 11, 2022).

Eight Indiana hospitals are violating state records laws by withholding information on how they are spending public funding they’ve received for their nursing homes, according to a new lawsuit filed by IndyStar.

The allegations were made in Marion County court in a legal complaint filed by IndyStar and IndyStar investigative journalist Tony Cook. The complaint claims the public hospitals are “preventing the public from knowing how their tax dollars are being spent.”

IndyStar has requested comment from attorneys representing the hospitals, which are some of the largest nursing home owners in the state. They are Hancock Regional Hospital, Hendricks Regional Health, Henry Community Health, Johnson Memorial Health, Major Health Partners, Rush Memorial Hospital, Witham Health Services and Riverview Health.

Together, those hospitals own more than 250 of the state’s 527 nursing homes.

The funds in question are supplemental Medicaid dollars that are distributed to hospitals through the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration, according to the lawsuit.

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