In this important election year, the Society of Professional Journalists (an ICOG affiliate) is promoting a special “Sunshine Campaign” that seeks to identify to the biggest problems in getting access to public records. SPJ plans to use information from access advocates like ICOG members to ask political candidates in each state where they stand on the issues.

To do our part, ICOG is asking you to identify the top three to five issues you have encountered in your efforts to obtain public records in Indiana. From these, SPJ will generate a list that will be posted online and encourage its members – thousands of journalists all over the country – to get the candidates on the record.

This is your chance to help set the access agenda for both the media and politicians. Send ICOG an e-mail by clicking here, and we’ll keep you posted on SPJ’s project. But hurry – SPJ would like submissions by March 1 so the plan can be put into action for Sunshine Week 2008 (March 16-March 22).