Politics. by: Kayla Sullivan. Posted: Dec 10, 2020 / 07:00 PM EST / Updated: Dec 11, 2020

INDIANAPOLIS– More than 40 organizations are pushing lawmakers to make it easier to participate in the legislative process from home.

The group argues COVID-19 will stop many Hoosiers from being at the statehouse next session.

This coming session includes hot button topics like the pandemic, Indiana’s budget, redistricting and justice reform.

“The issues for this session may be more consequential than at any time in our recent history at the same time as it may be more challenging for the public to be present and be part of those conversations,” said David Sklar, President of the Indiana Coalition for Human Services.

Lawmakers have made some changes so Hoosiers can be involved, like allowing virtual testimony from another room at the Statehouse. Still, more than 40 Hoosier organizations agree they need to do more.

“This year we know things are going to be challenging,” said Sklar.

Especially when so many Hoosiers are working from home, quarantining because they were exposed or at high risk for COVID-19, e-learning with their children, or unable to find childcare during a pandemic.

“So, we need to try to create other mechanisms,” said Sklar.

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