DeSantis tried to hide info on virus taxpayers ended up footing the legal bills for lawsuit involving access to public record. 2021. Orlando Sentinel, Jan 20, 2021. (accessed January 30, 2021).

Last month, the state of Florida had to fork over $7,500 of your money to lawyers for the Orlando Sentinel.

Now, normally, I like it when people give money to the Sentinel.

This, however, was a ridiculous waste of taxpayer dollars. Not the biggest, but definitely one of the most ridiculous.

Because it was money that Gov. Ron DeSantis had to reimburse us for suing him over access to obviously public information – White House reports about what was happening with COVID in each state.

They were records created by public officials for the public.


Sentinel Editor-in-Chief Julie Anderson said: “We are satisfied with the settlement and hope we don’t have to sue again for crucial public records regarding the pandemic or any other important public matter. Onward.”

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