Cory, Allen Heidelberger. 2021. Noem attacks fellow republican for sponsoring open records legislation. Dakota Free Press [BLOG] (Jan 29), (accessed January 30, 2021).

But knowing they will lose any policy debate over the Governor’s activities, Team Noem turns anything that opens Noem and her jetsetting lifestyle up to scrutiny into a hyperpartisan personal attack.

Rep. Howard remains unbowed in her push for openness. But Noem’s pressure has apparently scared some other Republicans off HB 1089:

Yesterday three Republican lawmakers dropped their names from House Bill 1089. Today two republicans and a democrat added their names.

There are allegations that lawmakers are being pressured to leave the issue alone.

Several lawmakers continue to seek information about the cost of security during Governor Noem’s travels in support of the Trump campaign.

“Taxpayers have a right to know where their tax dollars are being spent,” said Republican Representative Taffy Howard.

Howard, of Rapid City says some of the sponsors were “called to the second floor” where the Governor’s office is located. She says after that, 3 original sponsors told her they were removing their names from the bill.

They include, Representative Rhonda Milstead of Sioux Falls, Senator David Johnson of Rapid City and House Majority Whip Marli Wiese of Madison [Tom Hanson, “Lawmakers Say Taxpayers Deserve to Know Noem’s Travel Security Costs,” KELO-TV, 2021.01.28].

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