Carden, Dan. 2021. All-electronic government meetings must end when Indiana COVID-19 emergency expires. TCA Regional News, Jun 09, 2021. (accessed June 21, 2021).

The Hoosier State’s experiment with all-electronic local government meetings is coming to an end.

When Gov. Eric Holcomb’s final COVID-19 emergency declaration expires July 1, local units of government, including county, city and town councils, school boards, and similar entities no longer can hold “virtual” meetings with every member participating remotely.

Going forward, some remote participation still will be possible. But it will be nothing like the past 15 months when Indiana governmental entities large and small switched to online meetings to minimize the potential spread of the coronavirus.

House Enrolled Act 1437 sets the parameters local governments must follow if they want to continue allowing remote participation in limited circumstances.

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