Kukulka, Alexandra. 2021. State officials have to come up with plan to meet OSHA vaccine standard for local government employees, which has left local sheriff’s departments with different interpretations. TCA Regional News, Nov 08, 2021. (accessed November 28, 2021).

Nov. 8 – State officials will have to create a plan to meet the standards of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration Emergency Temporary Standard because there is an Indiana State Plan filed with OSHA, officials said, which has resulted in local sheriff’s departments interpreting the mandate differently.


When asked how many sheriff’s department and jail employees – including specific questions if Martinez, Chief of Police Vincent Balbo and Warden Mike Zenk – are vaccinated, Kopack cited HIPPA “and other federal and state privacy regulations.”

Indiana Public Access Counselor Luke Britt said HIPAA does not apply to nonmedical providers. HIPAA only applies to medical providers and business associates of medical providers, Britt said.

But, the state Access to Public Records Act does protect personnel file information of specific employees, Britt said. But, if the department keeps records of who is vaccinated, it is possible to get information about how many people are vaccinated, he said.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Department does not track the number of vaccinated and unvaccinated employees because “protected employee medical and healthcare information is kept confidential,” Kopack said.

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